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Sayed M. Alaali

Senior Vice President


Career at slate: 
Joined as an Associate in Toronto
Advanced to Director
Advanced to Senior Vice President, Transferred to London to grow Slate's European platform
Bachelor of Science, Actuarial Science and Economics
University of Toronto
Food critiquing

If you are driven, curious and creative, Slate is a place where you will thrive. After spending several years at a large pension fund, I was looking for an opportunity where I could leverage my institutional training to evaluate and execute complex investment opportunities on a global scale. Slate has provided me with a platform to do that and more – I have evaluated opportunities ranging from the acquisition of a district energy operating business to the privatization of a publicly listed bank. 

“If you are driven, curious and creative, Slate is a place where you will thrive.”


I enjoy the challenge of developing creative business plans, building teams, and executing on strategies. After spending several years working on the investments team in Toronto, I’ve been given the opportunity to relocate to London where I am leading the growth and expansion of Slate's European platform. This won’t be a one-person job. The success of Slate is a function of the team that we have – the team being the most important asset. We wouldn’t be where we are today if not for the talents and efforts of an outstanding team of professionals across North America and Europe.

While Slate has grown to become a large institution, it has maintained the entrepreneurial spirit and agility that typically define startups, giving it the best of both worlds. People are encouraged to bring forward new and creative ideas and challenge the status quo – business related or otherwise - which is what I believe has given Slate an edge. I remember during my second month on the job, one of the firm’s managing directors stopped by my desk unexpectedly and asked me to sit in on a meeting with a group of bankers who were pitching a major deal to a group of senior Slate leaders. After the presentation, the managing director turned to me before anyone else and asked, ‘What do you think, is this a good idea?’