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Sven Vollenbruch

Senior Vice President


Career at slate: 
Joined as an Associate in Frankfurt, First hire in Europe
Advanced to Director
Advanced to Vice President, Drove Slate's expansion into Norway, Austria and Slovakia
Advanced to Senior Vice President
Bachelor of Business Administration
Berlin School of Economics & Law

Working at Slate feels like working with friends and partners. We are a fast-growing company with a deeply entrepreneurial culture anchored by our values. Trust is at the heart of this culture. The management team gives people the space and time they need to originate, develop and implement new ideas, even if it’s outside of our comfort zone as a firm.

“Working at Slate feels like working with friends and partners.”

At Slate, I feel very connected to all our global offices and teams, and I identify with our goals and values. While I’m based in Frankfurt and my day-to-day focus is on our European platform, I constantly interact with colleagues in the US, Canada and other cities across Europe, many of whom I now have strong friendships with. These friendships make my work so much more enjoyable. We trust and support each other, which helps all of us succeed. Presenting one integrated team gives us a competitive advantage and enables us to win deals globally.


Slate’s interview and hiring process was very different from other experiences I had. The focus was almost entirely on culture, what motivates me and who I am as a person. During this process I got to know the people I would work with, as well as their values and goals, and they got to know me. Ultimately, I joined Slate because of the people I met, and the high ambitions they had for the firm.

I am proud of the reputation we have built in the marketplace. In the years since I joined, we’ve been able to establish important relationships in new markets that have allowed us to open multiple offices in Europe and complete acquisitions in several countries and asset classes. It’s exciting.